What is Eat Play Run?

Eat Play run is a lifestyle brand for people who love food, wine, to have fun, get a workout in and travel.  Life is too short, like me, to take everything so seriously…I mean who wants to really grow up? It’s a work hard play hard mentality.  I will run for wine and cheese is the motto around here!

Basically I am going to blog about random stuff that interests me because I feel some burning need to share it with the world and I hope that you like it.  My goal is to educate and influence through knowledge and humor.  Cheers to the wine glass always being half full!

Where did Eat Play Run start?

Like many of us do right after college, we want to postpone entering the real world and getting a real job for as long as possible.  So, my BFF and I decided backpack around Europe for a month and that is how it all began.  We didn’t have a lot of money and we grew up playing soccer and shared a love for fitness and running.  In every city we visited we would do a long run to explore the city we were in.  While we got our workout in we were mesmerized by our environment and got lost in the city we were in and were able to get the local feel.  While exploring on foot we would decide what museums and activities we wanted to do and go to and where we wanted to eat, drink and dance the night away.  This trip married my love of food, wine, fitness & travel and that is when Eat Play Run was born……..and I became a Mother of a brand. I hope you find joy and inspiration to live life to the fullest here……………glass of wine half full that is!