Are you a SOUL virgin? How to survive your first SOULCYCLE spin class! 

You may already have some Soul but if you are a virgin of SoulCycle don’t fret, I am here to help you through your first time.

What even is SoulCycle? To quote their website, "SoulCycle is a 45-minute indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography.”  Or as I like to describe it a challenging, fun, efficient spin class in a candlelit room that makes you feel like you are at a dance club – minus the vodka soda.

But really, did you ever wonder why people are so OBSESSED with this workout?

Top Reasons are:

  1. Caloric burn - You burn a sh*t ton of calories.  They estimate you burn on a minimum of 500 calorie per class.
  2. Short class length - Most classes are only 45 minutes so they are short and sweet and super-efficient.  Think about it, burning 500 calories in 45 minutes is awesome.
  3. Amazing instructors - Instructors are fit and VERY attractive.  Who isn’t motivated by that?
  4. Weights/Full body workout – You get a full body workout by doing push-ups and weights to sculpt your arms, chest, and back!

Did the reasons I mentioned above motivate you to take the plunge and try a class?  They SHOULD!

If you've never taken a spin class then props to you for trying Soul first.  Aggressive, I may add, but you can do it.  I dragged my friend Sandra to class earlier this year and it was her first time but we sat in the back and she just went at her own pace and copied what everyone else was doing. 

Things to know for your first class; (First class is discounted too!)

  1. Positions on the bike - There are 3.  Click here for more info.
  2. What to wear –  For the ladies; a tank top and workout leggings.  For the men; some form fitting shorts and a t-shirt or tank.
  3. Download the app – You need to download the app, create a profile and book a bike before you show up for class. 
  4. Ask for help! - Get there 20 minutes early.  Ask someone that works there for help and tell them this is your first time at Soul.  The employees are really friendly and want to help you.  Someone will help you rent spin shoes, show you how to lock up your stuff, help you get set up on the bike and answer any questions you have.
  5. Hydrate! – Make sure you drink water before, during and after class.  You can bring your own water to the studio or buy some there if you didn't bring any.
  6. Listen to your body – Class is as hard as you make it.  If you put more restisance on your bike you will have a harder workout.  If you just want a smooth ride then you can take it easy and not add a lot of resistance.  You are in control of your workout.
  7. Reserve a bike - You have to go online and reserve a bike number before class.  Classes fill up fast so you need to do this prior to the class to confirm a spot.
  8. Where to sit - If you're a total bad as* and brave enough to sit in the front, go for it!  But know that the front is where the regulars sit so learn from them but don't fault yourself for not keeping up.  I recommend you sit towards the back so you can watch the regulars and mimic their moves.  Most times the front rows are filled with super cute girls in sports bras with 6 pack abs which can motivate you to work hard in class because you want to look like them or want to date them.  As for me, I like wine, cheese, and chocolate too much so I am OK with my belly the way it is.
  9. The next day - Just be prepared that the day after a class your cute little tushy may hurt a little so it may be hard to pop a squat. This is is completely normal.  You know what they say...... no pain no gain!
  10. Stalking is encouraged - There is a cult following to Soul instructors and people tend to to follow certain instructors.  All instructors have different styles and music types (rap, techno etc.) so go online and stalk their profiles and pick the one you connect with most!
  11. HAVE FUN!!!!!!! – This is the most important thing!!!   You can’t really screw up in class.  You are on a stationary bike so just pedal!  

There are only a few things that could deter you to try these classes. 

  1. Cost - Class can be a little out of budget for some people at over $30 per class.  If you have to rent shoes or buy water it can come to around $40 a class.
  2. Class availability – The bikes get booked up fast so you need to book a bike as soon as you can otherwise you risk not getting into the class you want.
  3. Locations – Although Soul keeps expanding and has almost 100 locations in the US they are only in or near major cities.

Here are my favorite instructors at the Manhattan Beach, CA Location.

Matt - He is super hot.  Sorry ladies, he's taken but as they say you can look but not touch!  Also, he is spiritual and you will leave class feeling really zen.

Alba - Her class is always full because not only is she cute but she's funny and has really high energy.  I love her music which is a little techno with some 80's and 90’s thrown in there.

Maxie - She plays a variety of music genres.  Her class has a lot of fun and engaging moves that will work your core.

Chris P - He plays the best hip hop music which has an awesome beat for spinning.  He has a big following so reserve your seat early.

Now that you signed up for your first class and are part of the SOUL community you must document this journey online.  You know what they say, if it didn't happen on Instgram it never happened. lol.  The studios have places in the front of every SoulCycle location to take cute photos so please snap some pictures and then share them on Instagram and tag @luv2eatplayrun / hashtag #luv2eatplayrun!


Disclaimer; I filmed the video associated with this post a few years ago.  For some reason I didn’t put it online until now but here it is!  In the video I mentioned that Soul was 10 years old – it is now it 13 years old.  This is not a sponsored post by SoulCycle and not affiliated with them.

Also, click here for actual footage of me in class!