Hello, I'm Noelle!

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I’m a fat kid at heart and love to eat and drink and therefore I must run. Thankfully, I enjoy running almost as much as a good Chardonnay, so it’s not such a bad compromise.

Food really is love in my family.  One of they ways my father showed his love for me was through food.  Every weekend he would make me a special "Big Breakfast" consisting of bacon, eggs and potatoes and I remember I could't wait to sit down to eat it and he was so happy to cook it for me.  My father grew up poor and to put food on the table was the highest form of love he could show. That is where my love of food began.  It was pure, it was social, and it wasn’t materialistic.

I also LOVE soccer and grew up this sport and still play to this day.  Soccer involves running and that is where my passion of running and fitness began.  Working out also helps me with my anxiety for those of your who also suffer from it!

When I graduated college and moved straight to the Big Apple and got my first corporate job and my health wasn’t a priority.  I gained over 30lbs to the point I was obese.  Talk about a health scare! I was only in my early 20’s and at risk for a ton of diseases including heart disease which my father recently passed away from and I almost lost my mother to this disease as well.  I became depressed, insecure and anxious.

Disclaimer: I am all for embracing whatever size you are and being happy in our own skin. It really is between you and the mirror; and I couldn’t tell that person I was looking at in the mirror that I was happy. I saw and unhealthy, sad girl and knew I needed a change.

That change was finding a balance in my lifestyle.  I needed to balance work, food, and fitness.  I finally made the decision to that and put myself first and made the move out west to California and live on the beach near my brother and pursue my dreams.

Fitness and eating healthy is like a religion in California.  You can’t help but get a free education here.  I learned to balance all of these things by the 80/20 rule and working out consistently.  I am no expert in fitness or nutrition but you can learn from me through my failures and experiences.

As a semi adult ha-ha = I attached myself to like-minded travel people and pushed myself outside of the realm of my anxiety and insecurities of travel (I can’t afford it, I don’t have the vacay etc.) and have been to over 20 countries and have a more of the world to see.

After my father’s death and almost losing my mom I realized that life really is short, you should live your best life.  Follow your dreams; see the world, balance fitness and food to maintain your health and Eat Play Run!