Goat Yoga


What up yogis and aspiring yogis.  As I mentioned briefly in my video, goat yoga is a new fitness trend and herds of people are flocking to classes to be cooped up namasting with these cute little animals.

How did this crazy fitness trend start?

It turns out it all started on a picturesque small farm in Albany, Oregon.  The farm is called “ No Regrets” and the owner, Lainey Morse, has a waiting list of over 1200 people for her classes!  The story of how goat yoga was born is that one day, during a child’s birthday party Lainey hosted on the farm as part of a charity auction, a mother who taught yoga approached her and suggested a yoga class there and insisted the goats join.  Lainey said OK and the rest is history.  Check out her farm https://goatyoga.net/

What to expect in a class

Most classes are taught outside on a farm in an enclosed area where the goats are roaming around.  During the yoga class, you can expect the goats to come up to you, cuddle you, jump on you, nuzzle you and want to be petted!  They are so adorable you will be smiling the entire time, laughing and it will make you happy.  Normally during a yoga class you are expected to hold the poses and meditate but here you are encouraged to stop and pet them .  Goat yoga it is more about the experience than the meditation and calorie burn.  If you are a beginner at yoga tell the instructor before class and they will most likely be able to guide you during class.  Remember goats ARE animals so they may pee or poop on your mat ( my mat got a little poop), jump on your back, or just come up to your face and breathe on you but I promise, you won’t mind it at all. The baby goats are my favorite and are SO cute. Class duration varies but is typically 60 minutes and cost varies on where you take the class.

What to bring & wear

  • Yoga mat ( you can probably rent there )
  • Water ( you can probably buy there )
  • Shoes, socks and flip flops ( there could be goat poop around on ground so I recommend wearing shoes and bringing flip flops )
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Athletic pants or shorts & athletic top


Benefits of Goat Yoga & Animal Therapy

We all know that yoga is good for you.  We hear it all the time that it is good for your physical health.  However, yoga with goats as a therapeutic element to it and is now part of animal therapy for people.  Goats are great therapy animals because they don’t need to bond with humans, they just go up to you the second they meet you and are loving and want to be petted.  You are taking a yoga class outside in nature with animals and it genuinely makes people happy.  People dealing with a variety of different illnesses including cancer, addiction, chronic pain, psychiatric disorders ( to name a few ) can benefit from goat yoga because it provides benefits such as reducing blood pressure, reducing anxiety and grief and isolation, improved social skills, and improved motor skills.  For more info go tohttp://www.crchealth.com/types-of-therapy/what-is-animal-assisted-therapy/


Where to take a class


I went to a place in Melbourne, Florida to practice goat yoga and the owners were amazing and I loved the class.  If you are in the area check them out.


I found these places online and they got great reviews but I haven’t attended their class yet.

For other states just do a quick google search to find some classes in your area.

If you take a class send me a message and let me know how your experience was! https://eatplayrun.com/contact/