What is Eat Play Run?

I want to thank every single person who is reading this this post and checking out Eat Play Run.

What exactly is Eat Play Run? Well if the name didn’t give it away already, Eat Play Run is a lifestyle brand that brings together people who love to eat, play, and run, or as I like to call you guys, Funners. Funners are people that like to have fun and run.

I wanted to create a space for people who share the same passions that I do; food, fitness, fun and traveling so we can learn more about the things we love and have fun doing it. When you visit Eat Play Run, expect to laugh, connect with other Funner’s and learn along the way. We will be reviewing food, fitness, fun things to do, cool places to travel to all while sharing helpful tips and how to guides. Topics will include running, fitness tips & trends, healthy recipes, cool restaurants, reviews on cocktails and wine, how to work out when you travel, favorite beach destinations, what is hot in fitness gear, diet fads etc. You name it, we will talk about it all.

At Eat Play Run, we try to live by the 70/30 rule. Healthy 70 percent of the time, and doing whatever you want the other 30 percent. Although I have to say some months it’s more like 50/50 and then I need to recheck myself and get back on track. I could NEVER give up wine, cheese or bacon. Working out is important but it is also important to balance out your hard work with a rest day. It is also equally as important to follow a healthy diet but not deprive yourself all the time. Having struggled with weight and anxiety my entire life, I have learned that running and eating right really helps me control my weight and manage my anxiety.

It doesn’t matter running your first 5k or if you have completed 20 marathons, Eat Play Run is for people of all fitness levels and passions. You can even be more of a swimmer, or walker, or maybe you just love to Eat! Eat Play Run is OUR lifestyle. You only have one life so LIVE IT UP!!! Run now, wine later. I hope I run into you again soon!